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  • Pastor Kyle Severson

Don't miss award-winning singer/songwriter Bobby Jo Valentine - Concert at St. Philip!

Saturday, March 19

Concert @ 7:30 pm

Doors open @ 7 pm - Limited seating

St. Philip and Holy Trinity Lutheran Churches will be hosting award-winning singer/songwriter Bobby Jo Valentine in a special acoustic concert at St. Philip.

We are fortunate to have a well-regarded musician come to St. Philip to play for our community. Bobby writes simple, hopeful, soulful songs about faith, life, and everything in between. Let’s give Bobby a real St. Philip welcome by setting aside this evening as an opportunity to be together in fellowship and enjoy some excellent music. Bring many friends along with you!

Here are some recent reviews:

"I think what I appreciate most is the way that you are able to sing about your life experiences, including your faith struggles, in a way that is so real. In that respect, you’re not a typical “Christian” singer/songwriter who repeats the clichés I so tire of hearing. Instead, you’re a genuine person of faith who is struggling through life as we all are. Because you’re not afraid to share your struggles, you give us all permission to question and doubt along the way. Your songs show great courage. Loved the songs, and your voice, and… you! Please let us know when you’re in the area again. You definitely have a fan club at Holy Trinity Lutheran Church."

-Pastor Nancy Kraft, Holy Trinity Lutheran Church – Charlotte, NC

“There was something in Bobby's presentation that caught my attention—an honesty combined with musical talent, lyrics and sounds of hope combined with a wisdom that reflects acknowledgment of life’s aches. [Contacting him] was one of the best decisions I have made for our ministry. Neither the audience nor I were prepared for how rich his gift would be. Alone on the stage, he played guitar and ukulele, sang songs he had written and others already familiar to the crowd, moved everyone to tears and lifted everyone up with joy and hope. He recognized and acknowledged his audience, and connected with them through his tones and lyrics as if he had known them forever. By the end of the concert, I realized his gift is one of authenticity and connection through music. His gift is a gift of love that is uniquely his own."

-Rev. Theresa Schjang, New Beginnings Church, Denver, CO

Check out more about Bobby and his music at

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