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Enrich your study of the Word with these great (and free!) online resources:

  • Revised Common Lectionary | Stay up-to-date with the readings for each Sunday (and all the feast days and commemorations in between) on this handy website from the Vanderbilt University Divinity School. (Helpful Note #1: For the Sundays "after Pentecost," you will usually see two options for the first reading and psalm. The second option listed - called the "thematic" readings - is what we follow at St. Philip.)

  • Bible Studies from the Episcopal Church | Dive into the Sunday readings with these short reflections and questions for further contemplation or discussion. (Helpful Note #2: The Episcopal Church numbers the Sundays after Pentecost as "Proper [number]" - so the Second Sunday after Pentecost, June 6, 2021, is Proper 5. The Vanderbilt lectionary website above will always list each Sunday with both numbering conventions in case you get confused! Helpful Note #3: The Episcopal Church also typically follows the first option listed for the first reading and psalm - called the "semi-continuous" readings. The second reading and gospel will be the same though.)

  • Working Preacher | Geared towards preachers, but helpful for anyone looking to dive more deeply into the texts for each Sunday. From the homepage, click through the calendar to navigate to each Sunday. The gospel commentary will come up first, but you can use the drop-down menu at the top of the page to select the commentaries on the other readings. (Helpful Note #4: Just to make things more confusing, because Working Preacher originates from an ELCA seminary, the "first reading" will be what we follow at St. Philip. The "alternate first reading" will be the semi-continuous reading that you see on the Episcopal Church website above.)

  • Journey with Jesus | Read weekly lectionary essays, typically written by theologian and biblical scholar Debie Thomas (a favorite of Pastor Josh) and the occasional guest writer. These essays often read like sermons themselves and are well-suited for devotional readings, either by yourself or with a discussion group.

  • Daily Devotionals | Copies of Christ in Our Home for are available in the narthex. Each day includes a bible verse, a short reflection, and prayer - perfect for individual or family devotional time. Typically, the readings for Thursday-Saturday prepare for the coming Sunday readings, and the readings for Monday-Wednesday reflect back on the previous Sunday. Interested in an email daily devotion instead? Check out God Pause, written by alumni of Luther Seminary.

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