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Pastor Bouman will be joining St. Philip on April 14. In the meantime, for pastoral care needs and all other inquiries, please contact Amanda Smith (below) in the church office.


Amanda Smith (she/her) joined St. Philip in July 2021 to assist in the daily administrative duties of the church, including social media management and keeping the congregation informed of weekly activities. She grew up in an ELCA church in Beaver Dam, Wisconsin, and moved to Illinois in January of 2021.

Amanda currently lives in Wheeling with her four pets, Ava (dog), Ayana (cat), Lilo (cat), and Rhea (leopard gecko). When she isn't working, she loves to go camping, hiking, and traveling. She also enjoys reading and playing video games.

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Grayson Nye (he/him) is a keyboardist living in Chicago. Since 2014, Grayson resided in Kalamazoo where he attended Western Michigan University, receiving both his Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in Jazz Studies. He made a name for himself in the Michigan music scene, playing in everything from R&B to Hip-Hop to Celtic to Pop to Jazz groups. Since then, Grayson has moved to Chicago to further his musical endeavors. While in Kalamazoo, he was a pianist and arranger for Zion Lutheran Church, where he blended traditional hymns with improvisation.

In addition to playing, Grayson has also become a formidable teacher. He taught class piano at WMU while a Graduate Assistant and has taught privately through his own studio and through the Kalamazoo Music School/Jazz & Creative Institute for the past five years. In 2019, Grayson led a quartet of musicians on a two-week teaching and playing tour of Colombia, helping spread jazz throughout the world.


Barb Kot-Mitalo (she/her) started as St. Philip’s bookkeeper in January 2009 after a ten-year break from her previous full-time job. Prior to having children, Barb worked for the Fox television station in Chicago. She started as a staff accountant and ended an 11-year career as the Director of Finance there in order to raise her oldest son, Eric. She really didn’t anticipate being home for ten years, but her youngest son, Jake, was diagnosed with autism just shy of his third birthday. Autism research, advocacy and volunteer work became the new norm for Barb’s life.

When Jake turned seven, he started at a new school for children with autism and Barb finally felt ready to get back to work on a very part-time basis. It was the second time that she peeked at Craigslist that she saw the ad for St. Philip. “I think God just made the match happen! It was the perfect job,” says Barb. Barb says she is very fortunate to be able to spend time with her children and also have the opportunity to get back to working in her profession, which she really enjoys. “St. Philip is a wonderful match for my sometimes crazy life,” Barb says.

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Steven Thielman (he/him) is a tremendous asset to our worship and music ministries, ensuring that all our services - online and in-person - run smoothly.

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