Rev. Paul Kopka, Interim Pastor


Pastor Paul brings 33 years of experience and is a leader of the interim pastors serving the Metro Chicago Synod of the ELCA. He lives in Bolingbrook, IL with his wife Pei. Pastor Paul looks forward to our ministry together as we prepare for a new permanent pastor. 

You can email Pastor Paul at info@stphilipglenview.org or call 847-998-1946. 

Kjel Hanson, Minister of Music


Kjel joined the ministry team at St. Philip in July 2016, have previously served other congregations in Illinois and Iowa for over 15 years. Within those capacities, he has had the opportunity to work with various age groups of volunteer and professional musicians. He feels that the Lord has called him to the ministry utilizing his musical abilities. 


In addition to working at churches, Kjel also has taught music in a Catholic school and shared his abilities in performing with and giving insight to musical programming in community musical and choral groups. 


Kjel resides in Wheeling with his wife LorieAnn and their Coonhound Beagle mix dog, Scout. In his spare time he enjoys spending time with his wife and six stepchildren doing various activities. 

You can email Kjel at music@stphilipglenview.org or call him at 847-998-1946.

Gemma Batty, Parish Administrator


Gemma handles much of St. Philip’s communications, as well as keeping the church organized and spreading the word about St. Philip around Glenview and the surrounding community!


Gemma earned a Bachelor’s degree in Education with Drama from Cambridge University in the United Kingdom and first came to St. Philip in 2006, when she moved from England to Illinois for her husband Chris' job. She was a dedicated volunteer and Church Council member at St. Philip for several years, leading the church’s Education team, Sunday School, and Vacation Bible School, before taking over as Parish Administrator in April 2014. 


You can email Gemma at gemma@stphilipglenview.org or call her at 847-998-1946.


Barb Kot-Mitalo, Bookkeeper


Barb started as St. Philip’s bookkeeper in January 2009 after a ten-year break from her previous full-time job.  Prior to having children, Barb worked for Fox television station in Chicago.  She started as a staff accountant and ended an 11-year career as the Director of Finance there in order to raise her oldest son, Eric.  She really didn’t anticipate being home for ten years, but her youngest son, Jake, was diagnosed with autism just shy of his third birthday.  Autism research, advocacy and volunteer work became the new norm for Barb’s life.  When Jake turned seven, he started at a new school for children with autism and Barb finally felt ready to get back to work on a very part-time basis.  It was the second time that she peeked at Craigslist that she saw the ad for St. Philip.


“I think God just made the match happen! It was the perfect job,” says Barb.

Barb says she is very fortunate to be able to spend time with her children and also have the opportunity to get back to working in her profession, which she really enjoys.

“St. Philip is a wonderful match for my sometimes crazy life,” Barb says.

You can email Barb at finance@stphilipglenview.org.



Church Council and Officers

Pastor Paul Kopka, Pastor

Steve Parks, President, Property, Worship & Music Team Liaison

Pam Blackstone, Vice President and Outreach Team Leader

Cris Bartlett, Secretary and Communication Team Liaison

Michael Weidemann, Treasurer, Finance Team Liaison

Gayle Abrams, Faith Formation Team Liaison

Marzee Eckhoff, Mutual Ministry Team Leader

Sharon Holmstrom, Fellowship Team Liaison

Mary Roth, Financial Secretary, Fellowship Team Leader


We are a
'Reconciling in Christ'

God loves you as you are ---

your race, gender identity, sexual orientation, marital status, age, socioeconomic and employment status, physical and mental ability, political affiliation, or religious background



Our facility is wheelchair and stroller accessible!


Telephone: 847-998-1946

Email: info@stphilipglenview.org

Address: 1609 Pfingsten Rd

Glenview, IL 60025

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