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Advent-Epiphany Newsletter

When do things end and when do they begin? We mark times and seasons in our life in many and varied ways but throughout history, the church has developed its own way to mark the passage of time. Most Christians describe the beginning of Advent as the beginning of the church’s year. But in reality, all the seasons are part of a continuous pilgrimage of faithfulness. Both the Christmas and the Easter Cycles include a season of preparation (Advent and Lent), a celebratory feast (Christmas Day and Easter Day), a season of fulfillment (the Christmas Season and Easter season), and a related closing festival (Epiphany and Pentecost Sunday). Each time the cycle comes around we are invited to understand it at a deeper level and with greater intentionality. We can use these seasons to draw us deeper into relationship with God. How will you celebrate the Incarnation – God’s coming to the world with real flesh - this year?

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