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St. Philip Celebrates 10 years of Community Dinners

Members and friends of St. Philip, The original “Meal Kitchen” began serving meals once a month. With good attendance this led to serving on a weekly basis. While it is difficult to estimate the exact number of guests who have received a meal it is certain we have served over 5,000 meals in the past 10 years. This could not have been accomplished without the help of our members, school groups, local churches, businesses, families and friends. That is an amazing accomplishment! For the past year, the Outreach Team has spent significant time and energy brainstorming numerous ideas on how to increase the number of people volunteering for our Tuesday evening Community Dinners, as well as how to attract those from the community who are in need. It is obvious that this project requires many hands to fulfill all that is needed in order to accomplish our goal. While several attempts have been made, we have not seen results we had hoped for. It no longer seems that we are fulfilling the needs of our community as intended based on our low attendance and the energy required to sustain the project. As such, we will bring this ministry project to a close at the end of July. With that said we should not look at this as a failure but celebrate and be joyous of all that has been accomplished since its conception. While one door closes others open. We are able to take our resources and look forward to new outreach projects. In the coming weeks you will hear about a new project that we are working on with Refugee One. Reinvesting with renewed vigor in projects such as PADS, Family Promise, and Refugee One will allow all within the congregation to take part in new and exciting ways to do God’s work in our community and beyond. We thank all our team members and the congregation as a whole for investing your time and talents with the community dinner and look forward to experiencing new and exciting ideas to come for us to serve. Blessings, St. Philip Outreach Team

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