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St. Philip Clothes Closet


We are passionate about caring for people in our community. We have a free, volunteer-run Clothes Closet for anyone in need. We co-host a Memory Loss Caregivers Support Group once a month with the Alzheimer's Association. We open the doors of our building to serve as a community center for groups like AA.

St. Philip Altar


Worship is at the heart of our community. Our church is full of activity every day of the week – but everything we do is centered in our Sunday morning worship. We gather at 9am on Sunday mornings, rooted in Lutheran liturgical tradition while utilizing a diversity of musical styles. We celebrate Holy Communion every week and welcome all to Christ's table. We also fully welcome and celebrate the presence of children of all ages in worship.



Our life of faith is never static – it is always being shaped and challenged by the world around us and needs to strengthened regularly. We offer a weekly Bible Study  that helps to nourish our faith and Sunday School on Sundays for the youth of our congregation.

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