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COVID-19 Update | May 25, 2022

As we continue to adapt and move through the COVID-19 pandemic, St. Philip is committed to offering both in-person and online options for worship, faith formation, and other activities. Any decision to suspend in-person activities will be discussed by St. Philip pastoral and council leadership as appropriate.

St. Philip will base our masking procedures on current CDC guidance, as informed by COVID-19 Community Levels for Cook County:

Community levels will be monitored regularly, and any changes for Cook County will be communicated to St. Philip facility users in a timely fashion. All in-person facility users are expected to abide by this guidance.

As a community of faith rooted in love and concern for our neighbor, we encourage all in our community to be good to themselves and to one another. Please respect the masking decisions (and personal space) of those whose decisions may differ from yours.

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